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Communally Owned Cat
Btw,who are helping them ?

His name is Kitchie!!
One day, he looked sick...
He could see a doctor owing to a woman in the neighborhood.
The doctor told her his life was dangerous because of high fever.

 He passed away 16th March 2020.
I love you forever...

Nearby abandoned Kitty
←Him lol
One morning, he was crying on the road. Fortunately we found a foster parents for him.
Then, nearby people got some money together for his sterilization.

 I want somethig to do!
↓↓Samurai cat as me. lol
So, I gonna make money for poor cats to sell my postcards or poster of Cats!!
沖縄の伝統 ミンサー柄
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沖縄の伝統 ミンサー柄
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